⚡3 Summer Learning Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss⚡

The LAUNCH Academy: A Design Thinking Institute

We still have a few more spots available for this summer’s live two-day design thinking institute in Philadelphia, PA (down on UPenn campus)! The institute caps out at a max of 100 people and we’d love to have you fill up the remaining 10 spots!

Dates: July 26th and 27th (2018)
Location: Philadelphia, PA at The University of Pennsylvania

During the two days, you will get a variety of design thinking opportunities, including:

  • In-person work sessions with both A.J. and John
  • Taking part in new design thinking activities and challenges
  • Creating personalized activities, challenges, lessons, and units for your role
  • Diving into the research around design thinking and the practical applications for all areas of education
  • Collaborative round tables breaking down the biggest problems you are facing and coming up with creative solutions
  • A private online community to extend the learning beyond these two-days and connect with this cohort for a long time to come

Our goal is to make this event action packed with activities, opportunities to collaborate, and many chances to DO the creative work while surrounded by innovative peers in education.

To Confirm Your Attendance, Please Buy Your LAUNCH Academy Ticket Here.
This ticket gets you access to the Launch Academy Event on July 26th and July 27th, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA. Included is complimentary breakfast and lunch on both days, as well as materials and resources included throughout the academy.
After purchasing your ticket, we’ll send you updates and resources as we lead up to the LAUNCH Academy in July! Send me an email if you have any questions.

Jumpstart Plus by Jennifer Gonzalez

Tools come and go, and features constantly change. So instead of starting by looking for the right tool, it’s more effective to start with processes, specific ways of using technology that can be applied in a variety of classroom situations. Once you understand a process and how it can boost learning, you can explore the tools that put that process into action.

In this course, you will learn 10 key processes that can have an incredible impact on how you teach, how your students learn, how you collaborate and communicate with others, and the time it takes to do it all.

How the Course Works

You’ll start each module with a short reading assignment. This is where we explore the process, consider its instructional value, and look at how it can enhance learning in multiple ways.

Next, you’ll review your project checklist to understand the requirements of your hands-on project. For most projects, an advanced option has been added to offer extra challenge to those who master the process easily.

Then it’s time to dig into your hands-on project. You’ll watch a series of step-by-step video tutorials to learn how to do it.

When your project is complete, you’ll share it in a blog post. A sample blog, with all 10 modules complete, is provided to help you get a clear picture of what your final project should look like.

The JumpStart Community

With JumpStart Plus, you will work through the course alongside a cohort of other students. This will take place in our JumpStart community, a private online forum where you can ask questions, share ideas, and get support.

A course calendar will set deadlines for each module, so you stay on track and are more likely to finish the course. As you complete the modules, you’ll have the opportunity to share finished projects with other members of your cohort. Seeing what educators in other content areas and grade levels are doing with the tools really helps expand your expertise with each process you learn.

The community forum provides a place for you to ask questions, find answers, and share the work you’re doing. You and your cohort will have your own discussion board, and you’ll have access to module-specific boards as well, so you can find the help you need quickly.

A team of JumpStart mentors will have an active presence in the community to make sure your questions get answered. These are fellow educators who have already completed the course and are excited to help you succeed.

There are no required meetings or additional tasks associated with JumpStart Plus: It simply adds a level of accountability and support to help you get the most out of the course.

Tech to Learn Course by Matt Miller

The Tech to Learn Online Course provides you with everything you need to move the needle for learning with tech-infused lessons.

This course is adapted from the popular full-day workshops offered on site all over the United States by Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook. The course provides the best parts of these well-received workshops AND adds new material that’s not available in these in-person events.

  • 1: Face-to-face video with Matt: The course is filled with more than four hours of video, where Matt brings the inspiration and practical ideas his workshops are known for.
  • 2: Six focus areas where tech makes a difference: The course’s six main modules are full of classroom-tested tech ideas that WORK.
  • 3: Practical ideas to plug into class: Each module is chock full of lesson ideas you can start using right away, including step-by-step tutorial videos.
  • 4: Four BONUS mini-modules on hot issues: These mini-modules include perspective on areas where it’s easy to struggle, including cheating and saving time during the day.
  • 5: A private Facebook group: Get the support and community you need to succeed. This group will be full of people just like you who have your back and will encourage you — including Matt Miller, the course creator.
  • 6: All the time you need: Take your time working through this course. Once you purchase it, you have lifetime access to it. Refer back whenever you need a little inspiration.
  • 7: A HUGE discount: You’ll get a 50-percent discount on the original price of the course if you purchase it by the end of the day on Sunday (May 28 Eastern time U.S.).

Here’s what you’ll get in the course …
MODULE 1: TAKE THEM THERE — Using immersive experiences with maps to give students the emotional experience of travel
MODULE 2: POWERFUL INSTRUCTION AND FEEDBACK — Rethinking how we teach and communicate with students to make it more interactive
MODULE 3: CREATE INSTEAD OF CONSUME — Offering students opportunities to make something — digital or analog — to solidify learning
MODULE 4: EMPOWERING STUDENT VOICE — Encouraging students to speak up and voice their opinion — and improve their speaking skills
MODULE 5: MAKE FACE-TO-FACE CONNECTIONS — Tapping into the power of video calls and collaboration to extend class beyond its four walls
MODULE 6: HARNESS THE POWER OF BRAIN SCIENCE — Using cognitive science findings to learn smarter, not harder

… and the extras! (You’ll love these.)

MINI-MODULE 1: FREE UP PRECIOUS TIME — Improving teacher productivity to do what matters most
MINI-MODULE 2: ADDRESSING CHEATING IN TODAY’S CLASSROOM — Discussing the factors around cheating, why students do it, and how we can rethink our teaching and assignments
MINI-MODULE 3: TAPPING INTO UNLIMITED NEW IDEAS — Harnessing the power of social media to gain new ideas, connect to others and grow professionally
MINI-MODULE 4: MAKING YOUR TECH DOLLAR STRETCH — Finding funding for digital tools and/or classroom technology plus PDF checklists, step-by-step tutorial videos, and more!

I’d only recommend and partner with those folks who I believe are truly doing the work in education! Which is why I’m so happy to be a partner in sharing the courses both Matt Miller and Jennifer Gonzalez have put together for teachers. You will not be disappointed if you take the leap (and there is always a 30-day refund if you feel the course does not meet your needs). 

Take charge of your learning this summer! There are many awesome opportunities out there, choose what works for you!

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