10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching (eBook)

A few months ago I wrote a post titled “10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching”. I didn’t expect it to be so well received, but teachers loved the idea behind some actionable “teaching commandments” for the world we live in right now.

A number of folks asked me if this was ever going to be made into a poster, or ebook, and now it is! You can get your free copy of my latest eBook, “10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching”, by signing up below:


I’m pairing this eBook with a new experiment. There are over 3,000 innovative teachers on my email list. Every single one of you is trying to make a difference in education right now. During the month of May, I’ll be sending out 10 Innovative Challenges to help spark inquiry and innovation in your classroom and school.

These challenges will be short (2-5 minute videos) and actionable. I hope you join myself and these innovative educators on taking the “Innovative Teaching Challenge” together through the month of May.

Sign up for the “Innovative Teaching Challenge” and my free eBook “10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching” below:


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