10 Learning Mantras For the New School Year

Each school year I try to take a new approach and have a renewed focus on my work as an educator. As a teacher this would often be impacted by the type of work we were doing in the classroom. While goals are always important, I believe a class “mantra” is even more important. Mantras impact “all of the work” you are doing and provide a daily reminder of what should be focused on. Last year my mantra was simple, “Take Risks”.

As a K-12 Technology Staff Developer I wanted to “take risks” with other teachers and for them to take risks in their classes. This led to gamifying our professional development and writing Genius Hour into our 9th grade curriculum. It also bled into my professional life as I took a new job as an administrator this summer. I’d have to say that “taking risks” was one of the best mantras I’ve ever had…so choosing a new one this year was going to be difficult.

This year, I took the list down to a “Top 10” before choosing one learning mantra for the school year. Here’s my Top 10 list, with my 2014-2015 choice at the bottom:


via http://www.thesassylife.com/wednesday-words-of-wisdom-november-6-2013/


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via http://www.fromupnorth.com/archive/typography/35524/

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via seanwes.com

And finally, here is my Learning Mantra for the new year. I’m hoping to live this year with “new eyes”:


via https://www.etsy.com/listing/99499972/discovery-a-hand-lettered-proust-quote

  What is your mantra for the year? Please share in the comments!

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