30 Days of Blogging Challenge

30 Days of Blogging Challenge

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  • My goal for this challenge is to post a least one blog post a week of at least 100 words each. I feel that this will not be that challenging due to the fact that I am to do this for a class. My creative writing teacher found this idea and said that we will be doing this. I am very intrigued to complete this challenge.

  • Jessie Yates says:

    First time blogging. My goals are to write 150 words everyday and post once a week.

  • I am going write 500 words per day, Monday and Friday, for a creative writing class. This will be an interesting opportunity for me, because I’ve never done anything like this before.

  • Lisa Fischer says:

    I think this challenge is going to be really interesting. It is my first time blogging and I set my goal to post once a week of at least 100 words.

  • Nab says:

    Great idea. I need this type of motivation this time of the year. 2019 – Let’s go.

  • Michelle Johnson says:

    I am another first time blogger, but plan on writing at least 100 words per day and post inspiring blogs twice a week. Let the journey begin!

  • Leesa Merifield says:

    My goal is to use this challenge to begin a new group on facebook “Teachers read and talk” in an effort to support and encourage teachers to be positive and to fill thier own bucket of wellbeing and those of others they work with. Today I added my first entry based on an article from HBR. Why do we need to set new goals each new year? If we are on a journey: it does not end or begin each yes=]ar, but instead we accept the challenges and successes of the year ended using these to shape the continuing journey that lies ahead. Thank you for this opportunity.

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