Why Blogs Still Matter in 2017

words have power

Two weeks ago I launched the “30 days of blogging” challenge on this blog (you can read about it here). Almost 200 education bloggers signed up to share their blog, and 151 of those bloggers left comments sharing their writing goals for the month. I’ve been spending some time reading all of these blogs, and it reminded me that words have power.

Words have the power to make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry, and make you think.

In this case, many of the words I’ve been reading from the #30daysblogging crew have also been inspiring.

There was Laurie McIntosh’s post about the “lists” in her life and how she needed to get rid of the negative one that’s always been in her head, and instead, focus on the people that brighten her days.

There was Kelle Kaminsky’s story about blogging for her son and daughter, but never actually blogging for her work. Now in her 13th year, she embarks on reflecting on her daily practice inside the classroom.

And Anne Krolicki’s words still ring in my head after reading them a week ago:

Be a problem finder, but show up with a solution, too.

If you consistently showed up to a potluck with friends sans dish to pass, do you think you’d continue getting invited? Probably not. Even worse would be showing up with liverwurst every time.

The list could go on. So many teachers, administrators, and leaders have been blogging about what is happening both professionally and personally in their life. Their words matter to them, to me, and to their readers.

Blogging Still Matters

I’ve heard that blogging is outdated, and there might not be room for new blogs. I don’t believe that! I’ve seen people talk about the saving and revolutionary power of podcasts, video, social media, and all kinds of new media. Yet blogging still drives the sharing on many of these platforms.

When people write their truth in their blogs, it spreads. Blogging will always matter because we will always have to learn from each other. It doesn’t matter how much technology grows or infiltrates our world, learning from each other’s experiences is one of the most human acts we can ever do.

When all else fails write what your heart tells you. You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. – Mark Twain

When you write what your heart tells you it will always have a dual impact. The reflection impacts us personally, and also those who read it.

So keep writing. Keep blogging. Keep sharing.

It doesn’t need to be fancy. It doesn’t need to be special. It only needs to be you.

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  • Lauren Mertz says:

    Thank you for putting forth the challenge. I haven’t done very well with my goal of writing each day, but I’ve been doing better with posting.

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  • Tamara González Barbosa says:

    Thanks for the iniciative, I am totally new to blogging! I’ve thought about doing it for years, and then when I finally decided to take one up I heard, ” no one blogs anymore…” So it’s great news that blogging is still alive, and, that I have a chance to give It a whirl!

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