We all want to create things that matter.

And create things that people will read/see/buy. However, it is a crowded market out there, and if you just “build it” they will most likely “not come”. In the past three years I’ve launched a Startup, 6 eBooks, a Digital Magazine, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Project: Global Inform, and three websites.

Have all been successful?


But many  have been. And I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve also quietly worked to help others launch their books and online courses in the past year. This is something I love doing.

Why a Coaching Program?

As I mentioned above, I love building, creating and making new things. I’ve created over 20 websites in the past 3 years. Some have been for myself (like this blog and Education Is My Life) while others have been for projects, and some have been contracted work for businesses.

I also love writing. I love publishing. I love helping other writers. Why? Because it helps me more than anything else in the world! I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few writers that mentored me. They helped me find my voice in blogging, and pushed me to write my first published book, Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom, set to release this Spring from Routledge Press.

I’ve found that a dedicated coaching program can make more impact than any course you might ever take. If you are really serious about making your idea into a reality, building a better blog, and publishing a book/course – then I think my coaching program can help tremendously.

A 3-Month Program…With Only 5 People

From April 15th to July 15th I’ll be running this coaching program. And I’m only going to work with 5 people during the 3 months. Right now I’m coaching a few different people, but these three months are going to be dedicated to helping you:

  • Revive your blog to build a large audience
  • Help you use pre-existing content to create an eBook
  • Use that eBook as a free download to get email sign-ups interested in your book/course/product
  • Create and send educational emails and let them know about the book/course/product
  • Build the book/course/product using the right online platform
  • Launch the book/course/product to your email/blog followers and reach a bigger audience through guest posting

On April 15th I’m taking all of the coaching and consulting work I’ve been doing and streamlining the process. Because I’m limiting it to just 5 people you’ll have the opportunity for email coaching, video conferencing with me, and same-day feedback on your project. The 3-month program will take you through the steps of building a bigger audience and launching the book/course/product of your choice.

If you are interest in learning more, sign-up below so I can send you a personal email about the coaching program (including the pricing):

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