The Classroom Cribs Challenge (why learning spaces matter)

Over 2000 educators have signed up to learn more about classroom design on, and we are excited to partner with all of you in rethinking and redesigning learning spaces for this new school year.

So, you may be asking yourself (as I am) what are some ways I can ensure my classroom and learning space is set-up in a “brain friendly” environment that maximizes space, function, and impacts student’s learning? While there are many ways to do this, Erin Klein recently did a webinar that talks through design decisions and how to use research to drive our classroom layout, decorations, and overall space for students.

Watch Erin’s webinar here.

Today we officially launched the “Classroom Cribs Challenge“. We want to see what you have done to transform your classroom, learning space, office, library, etc! You can join by clicking this link, and sending us the following info:

1. Your Name and Title
2. A video or picture slideshow of your learning space design or transformation (before pictures are not necessary but if you have them we would love to see them!)
3. A short explanation of how your space is designed.
4. A bio and social media links!

The Classroom Cribs Challenge will be open from August 14th to September 14th (that means you can still enter your learning space on September 14th to be a part of the challenge). We’ll be featuring videos and slideshows on our website and our YouTube channel. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Thanks again for joining us on this journey to rethink classroom spaces!

P.S. – If you have a friend or colleague that would be interested in feel free to send them this blog post 🙂

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