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With a little over 2 weeks to go in the Classroom Cribs Challenge, I’d like to share some of our favorite submissions so far! We’d love to see your classroom featured on – you can submit your class to the challenge in just a few minutes using this form!

Over 3000 educators have signed up to learn more about classroom design, and we are excited to showcase a few of those classrooms:

Teacher: Joy Kirr

Bio: I currently teach 7th gr English Language Arts in a suburb of Chicago. I was first a special education teacher working with deaf & hard-of-hearing students, and next became a reading specialist and National Board Certified. I’m on my 20th year of teaching, but it’s always like my first!

Classroom Crib

About the Design: It’s all about the students! In our class, students choose where and how to sit, what goes on our bulletin board, what photos we take… We collaborate on classroom notes, help each other with Genius Hour ideas, share our skills whenever possible… Tables can be easily moved into different configurations, depending on the activities of the day, some activities are decided based on the results of our ʺquestion of the day,ʺ and the number of books in our library reflects the diversity of our readers. Students do more work than me, so that they truly own the learning. Disclaimer: This is how the room looks the day before students put their mark on it for the year!

Class Website:

Find Joy Twitter: @JoyKirr @KirrClass

Teacher: Jen White

Bio: I am a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher. I am also the Drama Director and Co-Department Chair at my school. I strive to make my classroom focused on learning, technology, and creativity. One of my personal passions is organization, and having a system for pretty much everything, so that I can focus on enjoying time with my family and pursuing my hobbies, such as theatre and writing.

Classroom Crib

About the Design: My classroom has changed into one that is more student-centered throughout the years. I carved out space specifically for student learning and enjoyment. They have a dedicated space to find materials, store their own materials, browse and read books, and a clutter free space for learning and working collaboratively. I have slowly made my teacher area smaller, and more functional so that it is primarily for working when students are not in the classroom. This takes the focus off of me as the teacher, and gives it to the students. My overall goal is to make my our classroom inviting, warm, and functional.

The bulletin boards are also student centered, and require input from them in order to be complete. They are also works in progress. The students will change and add to them as the year goes on so that it reflects what they are currently learning. While I love decorating, I wanted it to be functional rather than strictly decorative. This has definitely been a learning experience over the past eight years, and I feel confident about where it is at now, but I’m sure it will evolve and change in the future as well.

Class/Personal Website:

Find Jen Online:
Twitter: @jenblanca
Instagram: @jenblanca

Teacher: Aaron Maurer

Bio: Iowa Teacher of Year Finalist, Google Glass Explorer, Instructional Coach, Robotics, FLL, Podcaster, and a LEGO infatuation with a coffee in my hand.

Classroom Crib

About the Design: This is my room called Coffeechug Cafe. It is not anywhere close to being done, but looks 1000 times better compared to last year. Lots of decluttering, throwing things away, and ordering new items to make this one of the best project rooms available for students and teachers.

Class/Personal Website:

Find Aaron on Twitter: @coffeechugbooks

Teacher: Jacqueline Durant-Harthorne

Bio: I am a second grade teacher with a masters degree in Special Education and a certification for general education k-8 I have an undergraduate degree in Recreation Therapy which often enhances my education degree within the classroom. I have taught in public education for 15 years.

Classroom Crib

About the Design: Children’s learning is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. The demands on teachers is ever increasing and at times overwhelming. I am always looking for ways reach my students. Recently, I was fortunate enough to have a friend forward me Erin Klien’s Webinar, Setting Up a Brain-Friendly, Beautiful Classroom. After completing the webinar, I could hardly wait to start our new design journey. At first I thought I would change the furniture and then keep the brightly colored bulletin boards, book boxes and boarders. As I made changes, however, I realized that the calming Feng Shui feel was so inviting that it begged for more change. Ten hours later and $75.00 poorer I was finished and ready for my student’s review and possible ideas for changes.

Will our new space change our teaching and learning? I believe it will impact our moods and interactions. This new design lends itself to my teaching of Daily 5 Reading and Math. Our room allows for student choice in where they sit and work comfortably throughout their day. Strategic placement of supplies allows for movement for children who need frequent breaks to sustain focus. Keeping posters minimal, posting only those we are using, helps to keep the walls less visually over-stimulating. Overall feel of the room is warm and inviting, a space that’s enjoyable to spend 6 hours a day. Teachers feedback has further supported these design changes. Most importantly my students were responsible, excited, and felt respected while in our classroom.

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The Classroom Cribs Challenge will be open until September 14th. We’ll continue to feature videos and slideshows on our website and our YouTube channel.

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