Dragons and Heroes: Inside the Daily Creative Battle

I’m releasing a new book into the world very soon. It is different from any other book I’ve ever written. It is different in format (it is a daily read with 366 short vignettes, stories, quotes, and ideas on empathy), it is different in who the audience is going to be (I wrote it for anyone who interacts with people, but specifically for those of us that interact with kids as a parent, teacher, coach, or leader), it is different in how I’m releasing it to the world (via a Kickstarter).

Every single day, I feel like I should give up on the project. That it is not good enough. That it is a bad idea. That I should go back and try to do the things I’ve already done.

Every day I procrastinate on the things I need to do to finish the project, in order to spend time thinking and worrying about the things that I can’t change about the project.

Every day I wonder why I’m even writing in the first place! Who is it for, and why should they care?

Last week, I was sharing some of these concerns with a good friend who knows how lonely it can be to write something new and attempt to share it with the world. They suggested I read this book by James Victore. 

I got the book, started flipping through the pages (it is a beautifully crafted work) and immediately fell on this page. It was speaking right to me. The words dug into my soul as someone who is struggling through the creative process:

We all have our dragons, as Victore puts it.

Right now, you are doing something creative. Something risky. Something that may go against the grain and not be the norm.

And chances are the world isn’t giving you a hard time, yet. Chances are it is you who is giving yourself the hardest time.

Often our worst critic isn’t family, friends or coworkers. Often our worst critic is ourselves.

This page spoke to me and made me realize that we do this creative work for others, but ultimately for ourselves. To prove that we can fight back the dragon every day. Because each time we take that step and do something out of our comfort zone, it gives us the momentum to do it again, and again, and again.

Whatever dragons you are facing, just know I’m right there with you, scared and ready to take it on.

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