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Note: I’m halfway through a series of blog posts answering the question, “Does education really need to change?” This is like a half-time post. It is hopefully an unexpected surprise! I’ll continue with the third post in that series next week.

I know that the above is not a fancy blog title, but I wanted to get straight to the point!


I’m so excited to share these amazing courses and resources with all of you (feel free to go to right now and stop reading this post if you want to check it out).

The Quick Story

John Spencer and I ran a podcast called “Classroom Questions” this past year that was an awesome experience hearing questions and feedback from real teachers around the country and world.

Something we heard time and time again is, “How can I do more creative work, and how can I empower my students to do creative work in (and out of) school?”

The idea led us to write a book together (more on that coming soon) and put together a series of courses, resources, articles, and events that could boost creativity and spark innovation in every classroom—regardless of subject, grade level, etc.

Creative Classroom Courses

We’ve already got over 20 courses in the academy.

The Creative Classroom Academy

The Creative Classroom Academy is the community and hub for this work. And the best part: It’s going to keep growing. When you sign up (it’s FREE) for the academy you’ll get new courses, resources, articles, and newsletter on creativity and innovation.

Resources on the Creative Classroom Academy

There are four toolkits filled with resources and another one coming soon!

You’ll also be able to join a monthly book club and online community where teachers, leaders, and creators can share what is working (and what isn’t working) right now in your school and classroom.

Book Club on Creative Classroom Academy

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out at – and share it on Facebook and Twitter (and anywhere else)!

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