Genius Hour Blueprint: Step-by-Step Guide to Running the Project in Your Class

I often get asked about the steps for running a Genius Hour Project or a 20% Time project in your class. I tend to give the same answer every time: It depends.

Genius Hour and 20% Time projects give students an opportunity to have time during school to explore their passions, learn with purpose, and make something for a real audience.

But, it can look vastly different in a 1st-grade classroom compared to an 11th grade Science classroom (and everywhere in between).

I’ve seen Genius Hour been successfully implemented at every grade level. In fact, in my school district, we have Genius Hour projects running K-12. They are run differently in each grade and each class, yet there are some consistent phases that say the same.

This led me to create The Genius Hour Blueprint. It is embedded below, and also you can download the PowerPoint file for FREE by signing up for weekly updates at the bottom of this post.

Genius Hour Blueprint

The Genius Hour Blueprint covers six different phases of Genius Hour and what steps/activities you can do at each stage. It also has suggested resources, activities, and ways to share your work broken down by K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Take a look below, and download the PPT to modify and change for your purposes in class!

Genius Hour Blueprint (Embedded)

Genius Hour Blueprint (Free Download Below)

Download the Genius Hour Blueprint.

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