Genius Hour Guidelines Re-designed By Student

I hope you’ve heard about Genius Hour by now, if not – please read the awesome “Genius Hour Manifesto” written by Denise Krebs, Gallit Zvi, Hugh McDonald, and Joy Kirr.

Genius Hour and 20% Time are both passions of mine, and what I spend a lot of time researching and writing about. One of the best experiences for me is watching students finally present their “Genius Hour” or “20% Projects” to their peers. This week at Wissahickon High School over 100 students presented their projects (I’ll have more to show on that later). One of the projects that caught my eye was by a 10th grade students who “redesigned” the handout sheet for Genius Hour. He took time to learn about graphic design and his final product was an infographic handout to replace the old text-laden handout given to students.

Here is the original handout:


Here is the redesigned handout (infographic):

How cool is that? Want to see the design in it’s larger form? Check out the picture here:

Please read this student’s blog as well and leave some #comments4kids!

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