How teachers can find work-life balance (and be highly effective)

Note: The 40-hour teacher workweek club has been massively successful in the past few months. Angela Watson (the creator) is holding one last webinar before the club closes on July 6th. Here’s a link to sign up and watch the webinar tonight at 7pm EST or via replay. I share my story about work-life balance below…

It used to be around this time of summer break that I would start getting that itch. I needed to do something. As a teacher you are go, go, go a 100 miles an hour during the school week, and usually doing a lot of work during the weekend as well.

So, when summer break came rolling around my game face was still on, even though the amount of work I needed to do was massively scaled back. I was always really happy to have the break, however, I had a problem. And I’m sure many of you have this issue as well. I couldn’t relax. I couldn’t turn it off. I couldn’t slow down long enough to really enjoy the moment.

I didn’t have a system in place that allowed me to compartmentalize my work life and my personal life. They were interwoven so deeply, that it was impacting time with my family, time with my friends, and most of all–time for myself.

It was four years ago at this time when I stopped creating Resolutions and started creating Habits.

I’ve always been a goal setter, but I’d seen time and time again how I’d hit my goals, only to be completely overwhelmed and not as happy as I thought I would be.

Thanks to a blog post by Nathan Barry, I changed my focus to building systems and habits, instead of working towards goals. And everything changed.

Focusing on habits and systems has led me to:

  • Write 1000 words every day
  • Read 25 pages every day
  • Read to my kids every day
  • Watch a show or do a project with my wife every day

And get my life back in so many more ways.

So, when my good friend Angela Watson began talking about creating a club for teachers who were struggling with all of the same things I was struggling with a few years ago, I was really interested in how it would work.

I asked Angela: “Why do you call it the 40-Hour Teacher Workweek club?”

She said, “It’s not about working a 40 hour week! Members choose their OWN target number and determine how to allot those hours throughout the week. The purpose of having a target number like 40 is to create boundaries around your time, work with intentionality, and keep teaching from consuming your entire life.”

Then I got a bit deeper, asking about the club itself and found out the following:

  • It’s a one-year program
  • You get a new eGuide (8-15 pages) each Saturday morning filled with tips, strategies, and hacks to save you time and energy
  • You get access to a private Facebook group where hundreds of teachers are sharing their time-saving habits, and supporting each other positively along the way
  • The club opens and closes a few times a year, and if you don’t join by July 6th then you’ll have to wait till next January for the next chance

I’ve got to see a lot of transformations that are happening already from teachers in the club and was sold. I asked Angela if I could officially share what she was doing with all of you and she said, “Heck yes!”

This past January I became an official partner with the 40-Hour Teacher Workweek Clubbecause I believe it resonates so much with my story and can help you if the line between work and life is completely mixed like mine was…

I realize this type of club is not for everyone. Chances are though if you are still reading it might be for you. You can sign-up for the club and learn more here:


Here is what some 40-Hour Teacher Workweek members are saying about the program:

“I truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of this group. It’s like having my own educational consultant, organizing consultant, expert planner and kind encourager all in one convenient Facebook package.”

“40HTW is the best resource I have experienced–and I have done a lion’s share of foraging on the internet, looking for worthy educational sites. I teach algebra, engineering, and writing at the middle school level. Since committing to 40HTW, I am working less hours and enjoying my job more! Thanks!”

“I feel so much hope, I feel like I’m making great gains. I feel like this group is more valuable than a required education course in college. I had fall break last week. I stayed late (few hours) on Tuesday to get as much done as possible and did not go back over the whole break! I relaxed and enjoyed my family. I don’t feel like I’m drowning this week. It’s all coming together and I positively am elated that I can love teaching, be good at it, not stress, not spend my life as a hermit. I see myself truly and thoroughly enjoying my career in a few months.”

“I can’t tell you how much this group has changed my life. I’ve been able to cut 8+ hours off my week! Not mention my stress levels have been almost nonexistent. I still have things that didn’t get done this week, but I’ve set aside 2 hours this weekend to catch up.”

“Thanks to you, this is the first year in 30 years of teaching that I didn’t bring work homeon Thanksgiving break. I am so thankful.”

Here’s the focus for each month of the club (you have to enable pictures to see it below):

What do you think? Interested in learning more about the 40-Hour Teacher Workweek Club? Click that link to get more info 🙂


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