#ilovemyschoolbecause – A post about the positive things happening in education

Wow. It seems so many recent blog posts and tweets over the past month have been filled with frustration and negativity towards our educational system. Many of these posts and tweets seem to be on point, as there is a lot we need to work on. Yet, I still want this space to be one where the positive stories outshine the negative ones. I hope it can still be a place where we share the awesome work happening in schools right now. I haven’t done that in a while on my blog (and I apologize). Since I took this administrative job at a new school (Upper Perk) in July, there has been so many positive things happening in our district. Today I want to share why I love my school and the work we are doing.

I’ll be posting each of these things on twitter as well using the hashtag #ilovemyschoolbecause. I hope you’ll join me in sharing why you love your school using that hashtag and what amazing things are happening right now in your school, district, or place of work.


In the middle of standardize testing month there are still elementary teachers willing to come to an early morning technology workshop session.

We have over 25 teachers, 40 students, and 8 administrators spending hours of their time before and after school to prepare for our first TEDx event: TEDxPennsburgEd.

Instead of buying props and stage equipment for TEDxPennsburgED, our teachers and students are building it themselves using 3D printers, CNC Routers, and their own two hands!

Our HS staff had a lively (and professional) debate about whether to change the name of our school nickname (Indians) after an editorial from a student in the school newspaper sparked a renewed interest in what would be the right thing to do.

We have teachers willing to stay after-school over two hours as part of our Innovative Learning committee discussing how we can build a culture of sustainable innovation.

Our MS staff and administration continues to put student safety first, in a year where they’ve dealt with a series of issues requiring evacuations and lock-outs.

Each of our building administrators has begun to actively use Twitter to share the good work happening at their schools with the community and world!

We are taking a team of 18 to ISTE this summer, and had the administration with the foresight to put it in the budget last year!

Our elementary technology teachers have a group of 4th and 5th grade students showcasing their games and apps they made with Scratch and MIT App to our TEDx audience during the intermission time.

Our local robotics club is working hand-in-hand with the school to put more robotics into our classrooms (thank you Rich!).

Our HS teachers Dan Moyer and Blake Bardman have overhauled their entire Industrial Arts department into a Maker Department, where students are building, creating, and making in our very own UP xLab.

We have over 25 elementary teachers that became Flipped Classroom certified this year on their own time, and an entire grade level of teachers leading the way by flipping their instruction!

…and so much more.

Why do you love your school? Share in the comments below and on twitter using the hashtag #ilovemyschoolbecause

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