The Innovative Teaching Challenge. Are you game?

Maybe you’ve had the same challenge I’ve been dealing with for the past seven years in education…things change rapidly. And the only reason it is a “challenge” is understanding which changes will actually help our teaching, and improve the learning process for all students.

In the two years since my district began our 1:1 laptop initiative our classrooms have evolved again. New technology, new standards, and new content. Throughout this process I have tried my best to stay on top of where education is headed and what are the emerging “next” practices. Now when I talk to teachers in my district and around the country, I try to focus on the key elements of innovative teaching. With technology, standards, and content continually changing…these short innovative video challenges can give teachers a starting point regardless of their situation.

The “Innovative Teaching Challenge” runs from May 1st to June 1st. During the 30 days you’ll receive 10 emails with a simple video “challenge”. You’ll hear from teachers and school leaders who are doing innovative work right now in education.

The best part? This challenge is completely free and you can join below to receive the first email and video!

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