5 Practical Ways to Innovate in Your Classroom (Right Now)

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5 Practical Ways to Innovate in Your Classroom (Right Now) 

The Step-by-Step Guide to Real Strategies, Projects, and Activities You Can Use to Innovate in Your School

A.J. Juliani

 Presented by:

AJ Juliani from the Innovative Teaching Academy

A. J. Juliani is the Director of Innovation at a public school district in PA. He is the author of Intentional Innovation, and co-author of bestselling books Launch and Empower. A.J. is also the founder of the Innovative Teaching Academy, where teachers, coaches, and leaders collaborate to innovate in schools right now!

You're Going To Learn...

  • How to move from pockets of innovation to a culture of innovation
  • What authentic learning activities, projects, and assessments are available to students
  • How to connect standards and your curriculum to Innovative projects
  • Finding the time to do Innovative work (based on your classroom and school situation)

HEADS UP: Space is limited and my trainings often fill up. I would encourage you to get there a few minutes early to ensure yourself a spot in the webinar room.

"Our job as teachers and leaders is not to prepare students for something. Our job is to help students learn to prepare themselves for anything" - AJ Juliani

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