Join the “Inquiry & Innovation” Book Study this August

The book study for Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom  starts August 1st. Here’s the details…

Inquiry and Innovation in the classroomWhen I wrote my book, I knew two things:

1) I wanted to help teachers bring inquiry into their classrooms because 2) I wanted to help students have more choice in their learning process.

In the past month I’ve heard from hundreds of teachers that have started to think about inquiry-based learning. One of the biggest channels for communication about my book has been on Twitter, but I never could of imagined that a group of teachers on Twitter would want to start a summer book study using my book.

A few weeks ago a teacher named Aaron asked me if I’d be interested in being a part of an online book study/club…using my book. I said, YES!

Aaron and a few other teachers have put this all together, and I wanted to let you know about it so you could join in on the fun. If you’ve read the book it will be an awesome place to discuss big topics and ideas…and if you have not read the book yet, it will still be a place to join in on the discussion.

When does it start? It starts August 1st. The book has been broken down into three readings. Here is the Google Doc Aaron put together with all the info: Click here.

Who is joining? You can put your name in to join on this form and see everyone who is taking part in the discussion: Click here!

When is the discussion happening? Starting August 1st, each Friday at 9am CST we’ll discuss on Twitter with the hashtag #2k14reads – that hashtag will be used throughout the week to discuss as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Once again I am honored to learn with all of you and would be pumped if you join the book study 🙂

Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom: Using 20% Time, Genius Hour, and PBL to Drive Student Success is available from either Amazon or Routledge!

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