K-5 PBL Experiences Available Now (So You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch)

Sooo, I’m super excited!

For the past year we’ve been really diving into PBL as a community. Many of you (47 teachers) were featured in  The PBL Playbook, and I’ve heard from countless others who are diving into PBL and giving their students an authentic learning experience.

One of the big pressures around PBL is created an experience that includes student voice, choice, authenticity, standards alignment, skills, assessments, and so much more. 

I’m happy today to announce the K-5 PBL Experience Bundles (on sale for a limited time at a huge discounted price).

Here’s the real kicker. If you purchase any of the Bundles during the next 48 hours, I’ll send you a FREE copy of  The PBL Playbook  Audio Book. The Audio Book has just released to the world on Audible and you’ll get it free by sending me an email with your proof of purchase!

We all want to get to a place where are students are doing true authentic learning. We want to see our learners working on meaningful and relevant tasks. But, it is often hard to start this type of work from scratch. With these K-5 Project Bundles you don’t have to anymore.

What’s Included in Each Project-Based Learning Experience:

The Projects within this bundle are delivered in PDF format and include additional resources such as links, videos, rubrics, Rank & Reason exercises, handouts, etc. I partnered with NextLesson Projects because their PBL Experiences are focused around 8 Key Components:

1- Authenticity

  • Authenticity involves a seamless application of an authentic theme or context through the course of a project.
  • The authenticity of a project could be:
  • an authentic (real-world) context for the project, (a simulation)
  • a final product that someone would actually produce in the real world
  • a real impact on the world or community
  • personal relevance- speaking to a student’s interests, culture or identity
  • inspired by the real world, using real world events or other connections

2- Inquiry

  • Some form of inquiry will be required across the project. This might come from students posing their own questions, gathering their own information or developing solutions to a problem.

3- Student Driven

  • The project will, for the most part, be student driven.
  • Opportunities will be provided for students to express voice and choice in various ways.

4- Driving Question

  • Projects are focused on a clear, central problem, phrased as a driving question.

5- Key Learnings: Understanding & Skills

  • Key knowledge and understanding will be learned through the students’ work on their projects.
  • 21st-century skills will be required: critical thinking/problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration and communication, and/or self-management.
  • Students will be assessed on these two project aspects, as well as the final product itself.

6- Final Product

  • Projects will always end with the production of a final product.
  • The final product will be an authentic application of the context, key learnings and the driving question. Where possible, the final product should be shared beyond the classroom with another class, parents, the community or the public.

7- Critique

  • An opportunity to give and receive feedback through critique will be incorporated.

8- Reflection

  • Thoughtful, comprehensive reflection will take place at the end of the project on both what students have learned and their process.

Get the bundle that works best for you and receive the PBL Playbook Audio Book for free (offer limited to the next 48 hours).

I can’t wait to see what you and your students create, make, design, and problem-solve with these project-based learning experiences!

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