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Getting Started With Design Thinking: 

The Step-by-Step Guide to Design Thinking. Including project ideas, assesssments for creative work, and resources to get you started!

 Presented by:

AJ Juliani from

 And Hosted by:

John Spencer

You're Going To Learn...

  • How Design Thinking changed the way we taught our students for the better
  • How to create procedures and processes for project-based learning
  • How to connect your curriculum to projects with Design Thinking
  • How to assess the project with rubrics
  • Stories of our students creating and designing to share with the world

HEADS UP: Space is limited and my trainings often fill up. I would encourage you to get there a few minutes early to ensure yourself a spot in the webinar room.

"Something happens in students when they define themselves as makers and inventors and creators. They discover powerful skills-problem-solving, critical thinking, and imagination-that will help them shape the world's future ... our future" - John Spencer and AJ Juliani

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