LAUNCH into Design Thinking (book clubs, chats, contests) this summer!

The LAUNCH Cycle by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani

Our new book, LAUNCH: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student, has been out for almost a month now and the response has been amazing! Here are just a few Amazon reviews that blew me away:

Amazon review of LAUNCH Amazon review of LAUNCH

Teachers and school leaders around the world are sharing their work with creativity, design thinking, and the maker movement on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. We’ve been using the hashtag #LaunchBook to discuss online and the conversations are just getting started. 

Here are three ways to LAUNCH into design thinking this summer and engage with the book and community centered around student creativity:

1. LAUNCH Summer Book Club

#launchbook summer book club

We’ll be discussing LAUNCH this July in a Twitter chat led by Teresa Gross (@teresagross625).

John and I are doing something special for this as well. We are releasing a Video series on Design Thinking to go along with the book chat. Each Sunday we’ll release a series of videos to fuel the conversation and provide resources for all those in the chat!

Stay tuned for more info on the LAUNCH Academy that is going to accompany these summer chats!

2. LAUNCH Voxer Chat

Rachelle Galang and #edchatHI are starting a Voxer group to discuss the book this summer! The Voxer group has been filling up, and I’m sure you can contact Rachelle on Twitter (@MissGalang) to get an invite.

I’m also in the group and will be chatting alongside with all of you this summer as we discuss LAUNCH, design thinking, creativity and more!

3. LAUNCH Doodling and Coloring Contest

We’ve been inspired by Stephanie Filardo’s (@i3algebra) doodlings and drawings inside of LAUNCH! So much so that we are going to create a month long contest for July.

You can enter the contest by doodling and coloring inside of your copy of LAUNCH and then sharing the images online with the hashtag #launchbook. Here are some examples from Stephanie:

Doodle by @i3algebra Doodle via @i3algebra Doodle via @i3algebra

We’ll announce the prizes in July and be sharing alongside you!

That is it for now, but again I just want to say THANKS! If you’ve taken the time to read LAUNCH and share your thoughts online or with an amazon review, we can’t say in words how much that means to us.

Let’s keep launching into design thinking this summer!

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