Learning By Choice: 10 Ways Choice and Differentiation Create an Engaged Learning Experience

Learning By Choice: 10 Ways Choice and Differentiation Create an Engaged Learning Experience for Every Student (my new book) is now available as a Paperback! You can get it here on Amazon for $19.

I’ll also be releasing a companion video course for this book next Monday (April 27th), “The Complete Guide to Choice in the Classroom” (10 video lessons and resources).

To kick-off the paperback launch I want to share the details on some bonuses and extras you’ll get if you buy in bulk (10 or more copies). Many of you bought my last book (Inquiry & Innovation in the Classroom) for your school, book club, or college course. This time around I want to make sure you have some awesome bonuses to support group reading!

Here are the bonuses when you buy 10 or more copies:

1. PDF copy for your group: Print out any page and mark it up. Share specific sections with colleagues or friends. The PDF copy can be used in a variety of ways.

2. The Complete Guide to Choice in the Classroom (a 10 lesson-video course): This 10-lesson video course launches on April 27th and you’ll get access and login information for everyone reading the book in your group, school, course, or club.

3. Sample lesson plans: Word Doc lesson plans that have choice embedded into them. Feel free to use how you’d like.

4. Sample unit plans: Two Unit-Plans filled with choice, connected to the standards, and centered on what students know, understand, and can do.

5. Self-assessment questionnaire for staff and students: Figure out what type of choice students and staff need in their learning. This questionnaire will help you get started down a path of learning by choice.

6. Schedule a time to Skype or Google Hangout with me! I’d love to talk with your group about the book. Schedule a time so we can video chat!

Here’s how you can get the bonuses and extras: Send me an email at ajjuliani[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know how many books you bought and who they are for…it can be this simple:

Hey A.J.,

I just bought ten copies on Amazon for our middle school teachers. Excited to read the book!


I’ll send you an email back to confirm, and get the bonuses to you the next day.

What People Are Saying About the Book

“I love to read about best teaching practices for the sake of becoming the best educator I can be. And after so much reading, I realize that I am often skeptical of books that claim to provide easy-to-implement classroom advice that will 1) truly make a difference in student learning and 2) not be filled with the same old mantras that every other book already touts. However, having read AJ’s other book on Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom (and loving that one), I felt confident that he would be able to offer more great ideas. The verdict is in: I was NOT disappointed! I read this book from cover to cover in nearly one sitting, interrupted only by the need for sleep. And now that I’m done, my mind is REELING with new ideas about teaching and learning, that I almost dare to say I’m excited for spring break to be over (say WHAT?!), so I can get back to the classroom and try them out! Any book that can get someone this STOKED about teaching is definitely worth the read!”
-Amazon Review by Ashley

“As educators, we all want to do our best for the kids we serve each day. As adults, we value having choices very much; however, how often do we allow our students to have choice in their educational journey? Juliani explores this notion of choice in an in-depth study of how giving students such opportunities can lead to higher levels of achievement and quality of their overall academic experience. His “10 ways” will not only transform your classroom but also change the way you feel about teaching; they’re a must have for every classroom teacher!”
-Erin Klein, MACUL Michigan Teacher of the Year, ASCD Emerging Leader, and Scholastic Top Teacher 

“When it comes to student choice in the classroom, AJ Juliani is both passionate and authoritative. His practical, step-by-step instructions take the often nebulous concept of choice and turn it into something actionable and manageable for classroom teachers.”
-Angela Watson, Author of Unshakeable and Awakened, Founder of The Cornerstone for Teachers 

Book Details

What happens when we give students choice in their learning path?

Think about the best learning experiences you’ve ever had. Chances are you had a choice in what you were learning, and what you wanted to get out of the experience.

Yet, in our schools it is difficult to give students choice when curriculum, standards, and expectations get in the way.

This book presents 10 simple ways to transform your classroom into a student-centered experience, through choice, easy ways to differentiate, and a focus on student engagement from the start.

Each chapter covers a specific area of teaching and learning with choice:

  • Choice in what we learn (content)
  • Choice in how we learn (instruction)
  • Choice in technology
  • Choice in purpose
  • Choice in pace and order
  • Choice in assessment

There are many educational books out there on WHY we should be learning different and teaching different. This books focuses on the HOW. The 10 strategies start with a story, and end with a step-by-step guide on how to implement choice effectively in any classroom.

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  • AJ,

    I’m looking forward to reading your new book. I’ve been thinking about how to infuse choice into our classroom culture.

    – Kevin

  • AJ, Read your book today, quick read ( 2hrs). I like that, get it quick. I have a new Research Seminar starting next year and this gives me ideas to use. Also using Smokey Daniels ideas from Inquiry Circles. Focus will be on the skills of research writing. I am into personalized learning. Also will incorporate National History Day, Princeton Review and other avenues for them to show off their work.


    Social studies Curriculum Coordinator, DC Everest schools

    • AJ Juliani says:

      Thanks Paul! Would love to hear more about the work you are doing. Feel free to email me anytime!

      • Just read your 1st book on 20% and I have given it to several staff members to read. Most are looking at incorporating a passion choice project. Loved your idea about the flipped classroom in your Choice book! We do flipped Fridays so that we can use the class time for remediation, but about 1/3 of the class comes in on Monday without having watched the video or done the reading so that creates problems. Now you’ve given us a plan with the A,B, C groupings. Also liked the ideas on storytelling, portfolios, etc. I would like to share our ideas on using oral history with you. Check out our website at http://www.dceoralhistoryproject.org/ Thanks! Paul

  • CJ Hansen says:


    Excellent book describing choice and engagement in the classroom. My colleagues and I teach 8th grade social studies and are starting to explore this in our classes. If you could only offer only one piece of advice in the implementation of more choice in engaging students in the learning experience what would it be?


    CJ Hansen
    DC Everest School District
    Schofield, WI

  • Brad Seeley says:

    I just finished reading Inquiry and Innovation on the Classroom. I was very impressed and have already begun to think of ways to incorporate some of the ideas (like The Genius Project) into my Advanced Placement United States History course next school year. Thank you.

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  • Julie Chankow says:

    Hi A.J.,

    Thanks for your valuable input. I’ve been reading your post this year and I’m glad I’ve done that. I am still new to digital learning and I find your tips useful.
    Would you consider sending me your book even if I am not in USA?


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