You Don’t Need A Makerspace to Be a Maker

When I was in 3rd grade my best friend Mark and I built a treehouse out of wood scraps we found in the forest behind his house. We were makers.

In 5th grade our group of friends created a new sport with a Nerf football and a hula hoop at recess. Soon the entire grade was playing the sport having a blast. We were makers.

In 9th grade our band “The 25th Hour” recorded our first EP. We set up the audio recording, the mics, and everything in the room to try to get the recording as best possible. We were makers.

In 11th grade I took a programming class. My first product was creating an electric football game on the computer. It looked awful but it worked. I was a maker.

When I first got my Macbook and Garageband came out I spent hours and weeks creating beats, mixing and matching songs together to play for friends. I was making.

A few years ago during a snowstorm all my siblings were stuck in our house. We created a new card game and played it for five straight hours well into the night. We were makers.

Making Can Happen Anywhere at Anytime

In each one of the stories my creative side was exploring what I could design, build, and make. And as I was making I was never thinking about the space.

I love the concept of makerspaces. We created a massive one in my school that I currently work in. Our elementary computer labs have been completely redesigned to be digital makerspaces. But I hope the message we are giving to our students is not one that they need a maker space in order to be a maker.

Students can be makers in any classroom, in any grade level, and in any subject. It’s why John Spencer and I created The LAUNCH Cycle to bring design thinking into every aspect of K-12 and let every teacher know that any student can be a maker.

It’s why on April 26 we’re having the first ever Global Day of Design where teachers and students from around the world focus on how they can make, build, design, and launch projects and products with/without a maker space.

We have over 100 classrooms signed up and over 5000 students ready to participate in the Global Day of Design. We hope that you’ll join us to for this awesome event meant to engage and empower all students to make.

Getting All Students Involved With Design Challenges and Maker Projects

As part of the Global Day of Design and the upcoming release of our book “LAUNCH: Using the Design Thinking Process to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student” we’ve been releasing Design Challenges and Maker Projects that you can use in any classroom. Some are free and some are paid products. Here’s our FREE Design Challenge – Invent A Sport – that you can download by signing up below this post.

In this FREE Design Challenge you get all of the following resources:

FREE Design Challenge - Invent a Sport

Students and teachers have loved it so far and are using all of the free resources on the Global Day of Design website to empower students to make and create in their classrooms!

In addition, we’ve released FIVE more comprehensive Design Challenges and Maker Projects (like the Invent A Sport Challenge) that you can finally get!

All of us are makers. We are all creative. We can each design and build using digital tools or physical resources like duct tape and cardboard. 

Do you believe this about yourself? Do you believe this about your students? Let’s agree on a Bigger Definition of Creativity and empower all of our students to make regardless of having a Makerspace or not.

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