My Edublog Award Nominations 2013

While I’ve been blogging over at for a few years now, this is actually my first year truly blogging on my own site. I can’t say that all I blog about is education (because it’s not) but teaching and learning are my top focuses on this blog. I’ve been blessed to connect with some great educators over the past few years, and most of those connections started by reading their work online. The Edublog Nominations are not without their faults, but I couldn’t be happier nominating these educators for an award in 2013. Thanks to each and everyone of you for inspiring me, and pushing me forward on a daily basis!

  • Best individual blog: Vicki Davis – CoolCatTeacher
    • I was going to put Vicki up for lifetime achievement, but I can’t get away from the fact that her blog drives so much value my way every week. Thanks for all you do Vicki!
  • Best group blog: Connected Principals
    • When I look for administrative advice, this is my go-to spot. With awesome posts from administrators like Eric Sheninger, Patrick Larkin, Amber Teamann, Joe Mazza, Justin Tarte, Jesse McLean, Lyn Hilt and more….it is a resource that always packs a punch.
  • Best new blog: Jimmy Casas – Passion, Purpose, Pride
    • I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy at the ISTE 2012 Leadership Forum, and I’ve learned so much from him in a short time period. He was reluctant to start blogging, but I’m glad he did. His insight and analysis on leadership in education is spot on, because it focuses on how everything we do must start with the students in mind. Thanks Jimmy!
  • Best student blog: Project Yesu Blog
    • Mallory is 13 years old and literally changing the world. If you haven’t checked out Project Yesu yet, you need to today.
  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog: Two Guys and an iPad
    • What don’t these guys do? Drew Minock and Brad Waid are the minds behind this site and it’s amazing resource for all things iPad and AR. When I started learning about Aurasma and AR this summer, their site kept me moving along the continuum and excited about the possibilities of AR in our schools. Thanks fellas!
  • Best teacher blog: Erin Klein – Kleinspiration
    • I took on a new role as a K-12 Technology Staff Developer last year. I didn’t really know what I was doing in the elementary grades…Erin Klein changed that with her blog. Kleinspiration is the teacher blog that has most helped me in the past two years in my job, and I can’t thank her enough for the ideas and inspiration shared!
  • Best administrator blog: George Couros – Principal of Change
    • Have you read George’s blog? Then you know. It’s filled with wisdom for how to handle tough decisions, advice on moving change forward together, and thoughts on how everything we do must come back to the students.
  • Most influential blog post of the year: Be Present by John Spencer
    • This post just hit home for me. Sometimes I’m inspired by posts, and other times I’m punched in the gut. Thanks John for the punch. In everything we do, at school, at home, at work, anywhere…we must strive to “be present”. Our devices and online connections can drive separation from what really matter in front of us…this post reminded me of that.
  • Best individual tweeter: Todd Nesloney @techninjatodd
    • Todd’s tweeting is almost unfair (because he is a ninja). It’s sneaks up on you with motivation, humor (i.e. #shortmanclub), and honesty. I loved following along as he went to the White House as a ‘Champion of Change’!
  • Best twitter hashtag: #geniushour
    • What can I say…Genius Hour wouldn’t have been the educational movement it is today without this fantastic hashtag. The #geniushour chat hosted by Gallit Zvi and Denise Krebs is just one way to use #geniushour. Teachers like Joy Kirr and Hugh McDonald are constantly sharing what is happening in their classrooms and those around the world through this hashtag. If you are interested in Genius Hour, 20% Time, or inquiry-based education…this hashtag is for you.
  • Best free web tool: EduClipper
    • Adam Bellow rocks…and he thinks we can change the world…and he created this awesome tool for teachers. And he gave the EduBlog “speech of the year”!
  • Best educational use of audio / video / visual /┬ápodcast: Edu All Stars Podcast
    • It’s one of the only educational podcasts that I listen to religiously. Todd Nesloney, Chris Kesler, and Stacy Huffine talk to amazing educators each week! I love that they focus on the “stories” surrounding each of these people as we can learn more about their background and their passions. They’ve also inspired me to start a podcast (details soon).
  • Best educational wiki: Genius Hour
    • It’s is an extension of the Genius Hour community, and also a place where beginners can go and learn everything they need to run a successful project!
  • Best open PD / unconference / webinar series: Edcamp
    • You know what’s awesome about Kristen Swanson, Mary Beth Hertz, Dan Callahan, and Kevin Jarrett…their blogs (seriously you should read their work, I’ve hyperlinked each of their names). Oh, and the fact that they are part of the founding team of educators that started EdCamp!
  • Lifetime achievement: Angela Maiers
    • To sum up Angela in two words: You Matter. They say that great leaders build capacity. Capacity allows them to have influence and impact far beyond what they can personally do on a day-to-day basis. Angela has done just that with her “Choose2Matter” campaign and books on Passion in the classroom. Angela deserves to be recognized for her work with students and teachers, because it focuses on how everyone can make a difference, regardless of who you are.

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  • Joy Kirr says:

    AJ, I’m with you on that “lifetime achievement” award for Angela (and a few others, of course). Have you met her in person? Oh. My. Her enthusiasm and beliefs are infectious. And I want to take the time to thank YOU for your heart-felt, thoughtful posts as well. I try not to miss any, because I always find something I can use, or something that stays with me for awhile. I’m so thankful I’ve found this community online of such caring, thoughtful teachers!

    • Double WOW!! Thank you for that beautiful comment Denise!

      I am absolutely honored and proud to be a part of this community and to shout from the roof tops all that you doing to help students know they matter and their contributions count!

      YOU MATTER!!!

  • Chris Kesler says:

    I truly appreciate the nomination for EduAllStars. Your other nominations are totally on point too!

  • Erin Klein says:

    Oh my gosh! You just made my day!! How kind and thoughtful!!

    You have shared some great resource here with such fabulous nominations.

    Thanks so much for all you share. I love learning with you.



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