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Last week I asked the question, “Is it time we push the best educational content out to our colleagues?

You’ve responded with a resounding YES!

In just one week, 158 lead learners have signed up to not only receive our new digital magazine, “The Best and Next in Education”, but have also committed to sending this magazine out to their colleagues every two weeks when it is released.

The numbers are staggering to me. Over 80,000 teachers will potentially be reading the same educational content. Schools are signed up from every continent, making this a true international experience. We realize that only great content will be shared, and we are working hard to make sure we really do put out the “best in education”.

We’ll be releasing our first issue of “The Best and Next in Education” on January 14th. It will be sent out to all the lead learners who have signed up (you can sign up below) and then forwarded on to their colleagues. You’ll be able to download the magazine as a PDF, Kindle, and iBooks file. We’re also working on an audio version for easy listening!

My hope is to stir conversation about what is working in education right now, and how we can also continue to make schools better for our students in the future. Every two weeks we will bring you four blog posts/articles that have struck a chord online, new research in the educational community, what’s working in Ed-tech, and reviews on books, apps, and learning tools.

We’re all in this together, and the more we learn about what is working, the better we can reach every student. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so below to receive your copy of the magazine on January 14th. I’ll also be sharing a more in-depth look at the magazine (and how we created it) next Monday.

The Best & Next in Education

A Free Digital Magazine for Teachers, Leaders, and Learners.

Price: Free

Format: Digital including PDF, Kindle, iBooks, and other ePub

Distribution: Through email. New issue every two weeks!

Each Issue Includes:

  • The Best Stories: Our team picks four of the best blog posts from the past two weeks to share in the magazine.
  • The Best Books/Tools/Apps: We review new books, blogs, and tools for teachers. All reviews are by actual teachers in the classroom.
  • New Research: What’s next in education? We bring you the latest research in our field, so you don’t have to search for it.
  • What’s Hot in Ed Tech: Education technology is always changing. We keep you up to date…with only the good stuff.

How Does it Work?

  1. Step One – You Sign Up
    You (the lead learner) sign up for the digital magazine (for free). You’ll get our latest issue delivered to your inbox (and all future issues).
  2. Step Two – Receive & Share It With Colleagues
    Once you receive the digital magazine you can forward it along and share it with your colleagues. It comes from you, not us.
  3. Step Three – Lots of Formats for Reading
    You and your teachers can download the magazine as a PDF, Kindle book, iBooks book, and more!
  4. Step Four – Learn, Grow, and Start the Dialogue
    Sometimes it is difficult to connect and find time to read all the great work teachers are doing online. We bring the conversation to you and your colleagues.

Do You Want to Be a Lead Learner and Sign Up for Your School? Use the form below:

The Best and Next in Education

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