A Framework for Innovation in the Classroom

Each month I add a new resource to the Innovative Teaching Toolbox. Here is a simple framework for innovation in the classroom that came out of the research, interviews, and countless conversations I had with teachers and educational leaders during the book writing process.

Innovation in the classroom

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  • Amazing!

  • I always enjoy your posts. This one is right on and I wish more teachers could find ways to embrace all of these things. Unfortunately many good teachers feel there is no time to incorporate these things – even when they feel that it is important to do so. These must be top-down attitudes to receive the time and attention in the classroom.
    I will pass this post to others, as I am doing with the new magazine. Eventually we will see the tipping point!

  • Wow! You are one very talented teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your work, it’s inspirational.


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