Summer Giveaway: 10 Free Copies of Learning By Choice

Summer Giveaway of Learning By Choice

It’s summer time! At least, it feels that way. In Philadelphia it is hot and muggy already, Seniors are getting ready to graduate, and school is almost out (and I know it is already out in many other places around the country).

Summer is my favorite time to learn. I spend a lot of time reading new books, taking courses, going to conferences, and learning from my colleagues around the world. If you are looking for a summer reading list, I’ve put 100 of my favorite books on this post for you. I also spend time working on projects, speaking, writing, and researching.

One of the projects I’m working on right now is the “7 Min PD” or “Pocket PD” App I want to build with all of you. I’m hoping to have it built and released by the end of June!

I’ve received some amazing feedback from you on my last blog post with 50+ comments, and it has helped me shape the idea of this App into a possible reality. I’m also realizing how big of an issue professional development is around the country (and world) for teachers and educators. I’ve got some ideas that are bigger than this App and would love to dig deeper into your thoughts on PD.

I realize no one has the time to fill out a survey, but I’m still asking for you to fill out this short survey on PD below. When you enter your email address below you’ll be automatically entered in the Learning By Choice (my new book) giveaway.

I’m giving away 10 paperback copies of my book to teachers that fill out the survey, and 10 paperback copies of my book to one school administrator (for you and your staff ) that fills out the survey below!

Thanks again for taking the time to fill out this survey on Professional Development. If you entered your email address it will be randomly selected to win a possible FREE book!

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