Do We View Teachers as Architects or Masons?

By AJ Juliani, 9 comments

Architects design, master their craft while planning, and collaborate at a high level.
Masons work in the moment, communicate and problem solve on the fly, and master their craft as they build.

Architects are macro in planning seeing the big picture first, and then getting into the details.
Masons are micro in their attention to detail, seeing how each small piece fits into a bigger plan.

Architects revise, taking time to go over their plans and review their work.
Masons edit, fixing fast and furious.

Architects are inspired by other architects and designers.
Masons are inspired by others who work hard and help the team.

Architects search for inspiration.
Masons search for energy.

Architects create the blueprint.
Masons bring the design to life.

As teachers, we must embrace both roles.

Architects or Masons

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