Thoughts on our Mini-Open Online Course

20timemediumThis July we started the 20% Time Academy. It’s a MOOC where educators have come together to discuss inquiry-driven education. We’re learning about 20% Time, Genius Hour, and how these ideas can spark real innovation and intrinsic learning within our classrooms.

It seems every time I read something about a MOOC online the focus is on the numbers. Maybe that’s what makes headlines. I’d rather have the learning make headlines though. I’m sure the “M” in our MOOC stands for “mini” and not “massive”. We aren’t a large group, but I don’t believe that is the point. I’m excited to learn with the 119 (at this current time) other educators, who are passionate about inquiry-driven education. So far, it’s been awesome.

We have teachers from all across the US, Canada, and different parts of the world. They encompass elementary, secondary, and various subjects, and communities. How cool is it to hear the perspectives from teachers in different educational situations?

We are in the middle of the first week of the course and 250 comments have been shared. The discussion is lively and passionate. This is more than I could have imagined when we kicked-off the course. Next week, the members of this MOOC will be “pitching” their own 20% time project ideas. I’m pumped to share what I will be working on, but even more so to read what others will be doing.

You see, I’ve always been a fan of collaboration. It brings the best out in people because we are naturally social beings. When educators come together to collaborate on bringing more purpose and passion into our classrooms, the future is bright for education.

I will keep you posted on our “Mini-Open Online Course” – or feel free to join us here at Schoology – using the Access Code: ZXQ2B-8CWMV.

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