2016 #MARSchallenge Maker Project Winners


Over 10,000 students from 329 schools officially signed up to participate in this year’s MARS Challenge project.

The videos, advertisements, and projects that were submitted are unbelievable. Students designing their own school on Mars, and then taking it to the next level by building out their version of a curriculum, and how it should function.

*View Our Google Drive Folder with All of the MARS Challenge Videos, Brochures, and Projects!

Announcing the 2016 Mars Challenge Winners

Wow, this was difficult. The quantity and quality of videos and projects made choosing winners a tough task for our judges. There were so many wonderful projects but in the end we chose five that stood out on the Mars school design, the design thinking process, and how your project was shared with the world!

The Grand Prize winning team (below) will receive a 3d printer for their classroom!

K-2 Division Winner

The Red Planet School – created by 2nd Graders at Heritage K-8 School

3-5 Divison Winner

The Mars Challenge – Lakewood Elementary 5th Grade, Iowa, USA


6-8 Division Winner

Ecole Alexandre-Tache, St. Alberta, Canada


9-12 Division

New Milford High School, New Jersey, USA (Akbulut, Bassone, Hanikeh, Bell)


Grand Prize Winner

Elmwood School, Ottawa – 4th Grade Class


Congratulations to all the classrooms and students who participated! What an awesome challenge, please be sure to check out all the videos in the Google Folder shared above. You rock!

Important Info:

If you have not signed up your class/school officially, do so by filling out this form.

Are you ready to submit your student projects? Please go to this page and submit the project (names, school, and teacher email should be linked/shared in the project for proper identification).

Submit Your Project By Clicking Here

We are selecting winners in each of the following categories:

  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Grand Prize winning team (K-12)

The Grand Prize winning team will win a 3d printer for their classroom!

Let me know if you have any questions and keep creating and sharing using the hashtag #MARSchallenge.


MARS Challenge: Design a School on Mars From Scratch

This challenge is open to any teacher and group of students in a K-12 education setting. We provide lesson plans, student notebooks, power point presentation for each lesson, and a framework (the LAUNCH Cycle) for your students to tackle this enormous challenge of starting a school on Mars.

Here are the details:

December 1st: MARS Challenge starts (sign up your team/class/school below)
December 12th: Panel of Judges released
December 23rd: Challenge ends, all videos must be sent in for judging
January 2nd: Winners announced in four categories (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

The big questions are:

1. Should a school even be on Mars?

2. If there was some type of education system on Mars, what would help further the mission of sustainability and prepare students for a future on Mars and beyond?

3. How can we learn from our years of education here on Earth to make school on Mars and even more valuable and fruitful place of learning?

The Design Challenge Overview

You’re going to make something amazing and you’re going to start on it today. It’s going to be something that has never existed before in the history of humanity.

You know how you typically turn in an assignment to your teacher and then you get it back and, well, that’s pretty much it. This is different. Working with your design team, you’re going to create something people will actually see!

The Launch Process

Look all around you. Seriously. Glance around your classroom. You are surrounded by things that people created. Not only did they create these things but they also designed them. The fancy term for this is design thinking. It’s the term professionals use.  You’re going to use the LAUNCH Process. It’s a modified version of the design thinking cycle that artists and engineers use in the real world. Here’s how it works:

Look, Listen, and Learn

Ask a Ton of Questions

Understand the Problem or Process

Navigate the Ideas

Create a Prototype

Highlight What’s Working and Fix What’s Failing

Ready to Launch!

Your Challenge: Build a Model School for People Who Colonize Mars

You’re going to design and build a model school for people who colonize MARS.

Consider the following:

  1. Where will this school be located on MARS? How will you keep the people safe, but also provide a place where learning is as challenging as life on the planet?
  2. How will you accommodate each person’s unique role in colonizing MARS with what they’ll be learning?
  3. What will look similar about school here on Earth? What will look new, different, and better?
  4. What feature of school will you definitely get rid of from our current system?
  5. What special features will this school have? What kinds of cool gadgets and technology will this school have?
  6. What will the learning environment/school look like? What architectural style will you use?
  7. What will you name the school?

Your items will include:

  • Cardboard
  • Construction Paper
  • Duct Tape
  • Glue
  • Straws

Don’t forget to experiment and make tons of glorious mistakes. Ultimately, your design is going to be awesome, because it’s yours and it’s coming from your creative mind.

The Final Product

Your group will ultimately design a model school using the above materials. In order to share this model school with the world, you will have to make one of the following options below to be in the running for the final prize!

Option 1: Create a digital brochure inviting people going to MARS to join your school.

Option 2: Create a video showing and explaining the school on MARS

Option 3: Create a video advertisement for the school on MARS

How Can I Join?!?

Sign up using the form below. You’ll receive an email with the following items (all FREE):

  • Lesson Plans for the MARS Challenge (including connection to the standards and step-by-step instruction for teachers)
  • LAUNCH Student Notebook – Students have a notebook handout to fill in, sketch in, and follow throughout the entire challenge
  • PowerPoint introducing the Mars Challenge and for every lesson during the Challenge
  • Resource list for research on MARS, space travel, school design and much more!

You’ll also be asked to fill in information on your school and classroom to be a part of the official MARS Challenge that will be judged. If you don’t want to participate in the final project judging, no worries, have fun doing it with your class!

Join the MARS Challenge

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