The Ultimate Guide to Technology in the Classroom

I’m someone who constantly uses new technology and tries out new tools to see what will work for me, and for my teachers. Yet, there are often times that I forget we are all on a continuum when it comes to new technology and using it with a purpose.

For instance, we’ve been starting to use PearDeck at my district this year. There are some teachers who are using it almost everyday for their student-centered instruction, then there are some teachers that are just starting to use it, still others have only heard about it, and finally some are still in the dark and have never heard of the tool.

This happens in every school, in every district, all around this country and the world.

Last year, I found a solution for my staff. It’s called The Teacher’s Guide to Technology, and I got a school license for this resource. It changed the continuum and did so without making people feel as if they were behind. This week the 2017 version of the guide came out, and I wanted to share what it’s all about.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by technology?

Do you hear people use unfamiliar tech terms, but are too embarrassed to ask what they mean?

Are you unsure about the best ways to use technology in your classroom to actually enhance student learning, rather than distract from it?

Do you wish someone would just organize all the options and explain them to you in really simple language?

Then you’re going to love The Teacher’s Guide to Tech. Created by Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy, it’s a 265-page digital binder you’ll use all year: Keep it on your desktop, laptop, tablet — even your phone — to help you navigate the tech world with confidence. Like having a tech-savvy friend on call to explain things in plain language, the guide will give you a sense of control over all the options.

Over 150 Tools Explained in Clear, Simple Language

The Magic is in the Links

Hundreds of links make your reading experience even faster than online. External links take you to related online resources. Internal links let you quickly jump from section to section.

Glossary of Over 80 Tech Terms

When these terms appear in the rest of the book, they are hyperlinked to their definition in the glossary.

Power Index

If you hear about a tool or a term you’re not sure of—you don’t even know what category it might be in, but you know it has something to do with tech— come to the index. If it’s in the book, it will be in the index, along with a clickable link that will take you straight to the page where that term or tool appears.

What Readers Are Saying

“Just the right resource for someone like me who has an occasional itch to do something different and may have a hard time knowing where to look first for help. I am bowled over with the book’s sophistication (all those links!) and practicality.”

~ Sherri Spelic, Edified Listener

“Thank you, thank you, oh, THANK YOU  for taking the time to write The Teacher’s Guide to Tech. I graduated HS in 1977. Yeah, I’m that old. Computers and all their Hal-ish complexities (as in, ”Hal” from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey) not only elude me but kind of scare me as well. The preview of the book actually gave me hope that I could learn something, too. You thought of everything to make it simple for idiots like me (translation: dumbing it down) to get through it. I feel like I’ve been living in the trunk of an old Buick for the last 18 years but hey, where there’s Life there’s Hope, right?”

~ Mary O., Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve previously posted about how impressed I am with Jennifer Gonzalez and her Cult of Pedagogy. I’m even more impressed after seeing her new ebook, The Teacher’s Guide To Tech. It makes things a lot easier for either an ed tech novice or an expert to have all of these resources in one accessible place!

~ Larry Ferlazzo, Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

“This is an incredible resource. I had spent months gathering information on classroom tech and still didn’t have a clear understanding of many of the options available. This resource not only gathers a great deal of that information together in one place, but explains each tool. A navigation panel on each page makes it easy to access any part of the book and the table of contents is clickable. This digital binder is visually appealing, well designed, and very informative. It is well worth the cost as far as I am concerned and I thank the author for all the time and dedication she put into this fine piece of work.”

~ Reader Review from Teachers Pay Teachers

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  • Shaun Faries says:

    Hi AJ,

    The Teachers Guide To Technology seems like a resource that should be ubiquitous in school districts throughout the country! I’ve always felt that it was impossible to be aware of all of the great technology resources/tools available to be used in the classroom. Having a resource that acts a directory can be very valuable. I’ll bring this up during the next faculty meeting. It would be pretty cool to take time during a Professional Development day to explore various resources and for teachers to collaborate on their experiences testing out different resources/tools. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


  • Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this resource! I As the digital-technology revolution is entering elementary school classrooms across our country, I strongly believe that all students deserve equal access to these instructional tools. It is equally as important to develop our educators on how to successfully use technology within the classroom and how to connect technology use to data driven decision-making. I am excited to share this resource with my staff this week as we are stepping back and looking at our technology systems and routines within our classrooms.

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey AJ,

    Thanks for sharing this resource. This makes a lot of the headache of accessing and understanding the utility technology in classrooms. I think one of the problems with technology these days is that there is just so much of it. Your resource for example, is 265 pages long. Trying to make sense of modern day technology and apply it in a classroom setting is daunting. I guess my question is, “How can teachers access, implement, and share the most advantageous pieces of technology for their classroom without getting lost in the weed?” Thanks!

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