Getting Started With #GeniusHour – A Free Webinar

Want to start Genius Hour in your classroom but not sure where and how to begin? Already started Genius Hour and need a bit more guidance? I hosted this 25 minute webinar to jumpstart Genius Hour in your classroom.

Watch the short video and then check the resources below that I mention in the webinar. Also, any questions you have please put in the comments section. We’ve got a fantastic community of teachers that have supported me and each other along the way!

Resources Mentioned:

Books Mentioned:

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  • A King says:

    I’m three sessions in with my kiddos, but I am so excited to use some of the items in the your journal. I am a big idea teacher and struggle with the details sometimes of how a project should come out. This journal is going to give me those details and guide our Genius Hour path. Thanks.

  • A.J.,
    Your quick 21 minute sum up was just the confidence boost I needed to tackle GH with my 175 5th graders! Thanks so much. I just paid for the Interactive Journal on TPT and am so excited to have such a great resource.
    Thanks so much!
    Jason Hubbard, STEM Instructor

  • Damien says:

    Thanks AJ I’m a school leader in the process of trying to seed GH into some of our Yr 2-6 classes in 2016. I found this webinar a really interesting place to start. I have run one ‘pilot’ day so far, and while I would consider it a success, there were a few issues I will foresee next time, and I’m learning to better understand now how to expand this into a better program.
    Thanks again

  • Lisa says:

    I am presenting the idea to my students for our final term at school. Students were intrigued by the thought of being able to choose a project they were interested in and learn more on their own. Did I mention we are grade 2 students and French Immersion? It’s exciting for sure.

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