When Do You Write?

I often wonder when other people write. I’m a writer. I write all day long, but there are periods of the day when I really get going. When I taught high school English I always felt bad “forcing” my students to write. Now I’m writing a book, and I run a group blog full of writers. I want to know if there is a particular time during the day that is better to write (like exercising) or if it is different for each individual.

I’m writing my book on “inquiry and innovation in the classroom” using Draft. It’s a writing platform created by Nate Kontny. One of the best features of using Draft (and there are many) is the Word Count and Word Quota.

I set my word quota for 1000 words each day, and if I’m still missing some words I’ll get an email reminder. Then I can also go in and check my “Reports” to see when I’m writing the most words:

Check Out My Words Per Hour Chart From Draft

This makes it obvious that I’m a morning person (which I already knew). It also makes it obvious that I don’t like writing at night (I’m usually with my family or watching Netflix etc). What’s interesting is how effective I can be right before and right after lunch.

The rush to finish something with a deadline looming (even if that is lunch) makes my productivity rise. In the future I’m going to use this to my advantage. Giving myself 20 minutes of writing time before a meeting, or before I have to leave the house might also increase my productivity.

So when do you write? Do you keep track of when you are productive and efficient? Are there periods of time that force you to write faster? Let me know in the comments.

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