Why Wendell the Wizard and Harry Potter Would Be Best Friends #wizardchat

J.C. Spencer just released a new book, Wendell the World’s Worst Wizard: Wendell Drackenberger has a suspicion that he is different, but nobody in his life wants to admit it. When the truth is made embarrassingly public, Wendell is faced with some difficult choices for a thirteen-year-old. Dubbed the world’s worst wizard, he is forced to pave his own way. The future seems bleak until one little lie launches this comical adventure of errors, uncertainty, danger and courage. Teaming up with new friends, robots, a gnome and a brain-intolerant zombie, he discovers how a secret skill might just make him the perfect wizard to save his village. Learn more about the book here.

Wendell and Harry

After reading Wendell the World’s Worst Wizard, I immediately thought about my other favorite Wizard: Harry Potter. My siblings were young enough to really experience the Harry Potter phenomena in action, and as an older brother I joined right in, reading each book and falling deep into J.K. Rowling’s magical world. As I read and began to “know” Wendell, I felt many of the same feelings I had when reading Harry Potter: sad, pumped, nervous, laughter, and a hope he would come out on top.

This isn’t meant to be a spoiler post so I’ll leave out details, but I wanted to frame it as way to learn more about Wendell before reading the story. Here are 5 reasons Wendell and Harry would be best friends (wizards):

1. They are both outcasts

While Harry may have saved the world as a child, he comes to Hogwarts as a bit of an outcast. He’s laughed at. Picked on. Made fun of…and has troubles in school. Wendell has these same issues. I could see Wendell and Harry meeting up and discussing ways to get back at their respective “bullies” with wit and humor.

2. Wendell is a “firt”

What is a “firt” you might be asking? Well, it is a non-magical wizard of course (in Wendell’s world). Harry never had a problem with half-blood’s, muggles, werewolves or any other type of character. In fact, he always embraced the non-magical (or different types of magic). Wendell would be right at home with Harry’s crew.

3. They are both curious by nature

In a world where many of our students and children lose their natural curiosity, it’s nice to see both Wendell and Harry curious about what exactly is going on. While this get’s both of them into some sticky situations, it makes for a great story, and can bring some of that same curious spirit back into the lives of the reader.

4. Wendell’s got secret gadgets just like Harry

Harry had the invisibility cloak, but Wendell has robots. Each character uses their “special” devices for good…even when they get into trouble for doing so.

5. They both fail and learn

Wow, how I loved this theme in Wendell’s story. He fails… a lot. He struggles, just like all of us (and just like Harry). But he keeps learning and trying and never gives up. Failure truly is a gift when we think about it this way, and both Wendell and Harry fail with the best of them.

If you are interested in the book, you can buy it on Amazon here, or learn more at the official website here.

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