5 Ways to Reflect (and Learn) Like a Zombie

If you are going through a deep period of reflection at the end of the school year (or even a short period) and are thinking about how to get recharged, I urge you to start living like a zombie.

Just hear me out for a minute…(and let’s have some fun with this post).

As a big Walking Dead fan, I’ve learned a few things from watching those zombies every week. And I’ve come to respect their ability to succeed even when they are slow, lacking intelligence, and usually missing parts of their body. Here are 5 ways you can live like a zombie and be extremely successful in whatever you do:

1. They only have one focus

Zombies are notorious for consistently focusing on one thing: eating you (or anything with blood). This keeps them all working together towards the same goal, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. Maybe you are like me: all over the place. I tend to take on more than I can handle, change focus constantly, and often get distracted. Living like a zombie requires an intense focus on what matters most to you, and keeping that focus no matter what. I’m working on that this year.

2. Slow and steady wins the race

Zombies are slow unless you are talking about the “World War Z” zombies (way too fast). Most zombies don’t have speed on their side. Yet, just like the Terminator (he’s always walking), they end up catching their next victim because slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes I work in fast and furious bunches. But, my biggest successes, like publishing a book, comes from the steady work of writing 1000 words a day. If you keep a strong focus and stay the course with steady habits, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

3. They redirect to where the noise is

I said earlier that Zombies are focused, yet the only thing that distracts them is really loud noises. When they hear a loud noise they automatically redirect in that direction, changing their focus. This is like a pivot. Sometimes we have to change our focus if a bigger opportunity presents itself. Zombies don’t leave a victim or meal just for nothing, there has to be something truly enticing and loud for them to change course. Yet, when those opportunities present themselves they do not stop and wonder what they are leaving behind. They jump at the chance to get something bigger, and we should as well.

4. They keep coming back for more after getting knocked down

Zombies can be shot, stabbed, and chopped up…but they don’t stop coming. Heck, they even “died” once and are still kicking. It’s easy to take a defeat or failure and say, “That’s it. I’m done. I gave it my best shot”. Problem is, that is what separates mediocre people from successful people. Zombies don’t stop when they are down. It just means they are closer to reaching their goal. They get right back up and keep coming as if nothing has happened. Getting knocked down shouldn’t stop us, instead, it should fuel us to keep fighting.

5. They are living with nothing to lose

Literally. They have nothing to lose. This is a tough one for me. I fail to take some opportunities because of what I already have. I’m afraid to lose in order to gain. Zombies don’t live like this. They act and live their zombie lives with nothing to lose. And they find other zombies who are living the same way to join their cause. This may be the hardest lesson to follow but also the most important.

Thanks to all those zombies out there who inspired this post!

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