“Our job as teachers and parents is not to prepare students for something; our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything.”

Hi, I’m A.J. Juliani. I’m an Innovation Specialist for a public school district and the author of books centered around student-agency, choice, inquiry, and engagement. I study people, schools, companies, and organizations from around the world to analyze how we can learn in deeper and more powerful ways. I believe we need to be intentional about innovation in order to create a better future of learning. My latest book, Learning By Choice, flips the popular belief that we must choose content for our kids in order for them to master a skill. Instead, the research and real-life practice in thousands of classrooms reveal that when you give students CHOICE in their learning path they are more engaged and active learners.

In January of 2012 I launched the “20% Project (like Google)” in my class. This project would change my teaching forever and lead me to advocate for inquiry-based education — where students are able to learn what they are curious about in school. This book brings together my own classroom experience, research in the field, and stories from a variety teachers, leaders, and learners using 20% Time and Genius Hour. If we want our students to change the world, we must change our classrooms to foster inquiry and innovation.

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people, schools, and conferences. If you are interested in having me speak or present, please know that I only take a few of these opportunities per year (as I still work full-time in a school district). Click the button below or email me at ajjuliani@gmail.com to get in touch!