15 Mistakes New Teachers Make (and what I learned making them)

15 Mistakes New Teachers Make

I've had the pleasure of working with a lot of new teachers the past three years, and I've seen many of the same mistakes I made during my first year teaching repeated over and over. Now, this isn't to say that I thought teaching was extremely difficult during my first year (I actually loved it [...]

The Choice Manifesto: Why We Need It In Our Schools

Learning By Choice Book

This is the introduction to my new book, Learning by Choice: 10 Ways to Transform Your Classroom Into a Student-Centered Experience.  When I was 5 years old I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still didn’t know at age 17. And guess what? I’m still having trouble figuring it [...]

How to Deal With Criticism When You Take Consistent Risks

Are you a risk taker?

In 11th grade I decided to try out for the school musical. I'd never been involved in a school drama or musical, and spent most of my time playing varsity football and basketball. I ended up being chosen to play the part of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz. Talk about embarrassing! I heard [...]

Meet 4 Teachers Who Took Classroom Design to the Next Level

30 Days of Classroom Design

Wow, what can we say! This past summer we decided to start a learning space design challenge on ClassroomCribs.com to highlight all of the amazing "cribs" that you have designed for students. Instead of just "aesthetics" we focused this challenge on brain-friendly learning spaces that promoted deep learning and engagement through design. And we were [...]

Desperation and Frustration in the Classroom

Doing the impossible in the classroom

Imagine you've been teaching for 15 years. In those 15 years you have grown as a professional, learned new technologies, shifted with the standards, had new initiative after new initiative started in your school, and seen the way you have been evaluated move from observations to data back to observations and data. In those 15 [...]

The Importance of Creating Something Every Day

Daily Habits for Teachers

It's no secret we live in a consumption driven culture. Millennials spend 18 hours a day consuming media (much of this is done while multi-tasking so the number of actual daily hours is lower) and the other generations are not far behind. Yet, much of the content millennials consume, is actually created by their peers. [...]

4 Smarter Ways for Students and Teachers to Set Goals


This is my 2014 New Year's post. Making the switch from goals to habits really made a change in my life, and here is the reasoning behind it! It's the new year and just about everyone around me is setting goals. Or resolutions. Or making promises. Whatever you want to call those "goals", stats show [...]

Shifting Our Ed Tech Narrative

Dr Suess quote about education

I've heard this question in various forms many different times: How is technology going to save education? Radio and TV were going to save education, but of course they didn't. They changed consumption from primarily reading or live viewing to listening and watching...but the prediction of televisions replacing teachers in the classroom has yet to come [...]

10 Reasons You Should Be Pumped for Education in 2015

Pumped for Education in 2015

The new year always brings new hope. Whereas in the past I've been hopeful for change and progress throughout education...this year I'm feeling different. This year I'm pumped about where we are headed in my school district and in the larger field of education. I've seen movement and progress from so many different people and [...]