What happens when you give students choice in what they learn?

Think about the best learning experiences you've ever had. Chances are you had a choice in what you were learning, and what you wanted to get out of the experience. 

Yet, in our schools it is difficult to give students choice when curriculum, standards, and expectations get in the way.

This book presents 10 simple ways to transform your classroom into a student-centered experience, through choice, easy ways to differentiate, and a focus on student engagement from the start.

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I love working on projects. To me project-based learning is the only way I can learn! Take a look at what I'm currently working on, and what I've done in the past. If you have any questions, send me a note at ajjuliani[at]gmail[dot]com - I love talking about new ideas and ways to teach and learn different!

“If you want to prepare kids for the reality of life in an intensely competitive economy, then you must look beyond the classroom. This book suggests exciting and doable ways to bring the ideas of the best creative minds from around the world into your class."

Dan H. Pink - Best-Selling Author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom

In January of 2012 I launched the “20% Project (like Google)” in my class. I had no idea at the time how this project would change my teaching forever. Since then I’ve been an advocate for “inquiry-based education” — where students are able to learn what they want to learn in school.

This book brings together my own classroom experience, research in the field, and stories from a variety teachers, leaders, and learners using 20% Time and Genius Hour. If we want our students to change the world, we must change our classrooms to foster inquiry and innovation.

Check it out on Amazon here (Kindle) and here (Paperback).

Classroom Questions: My New Podcast

John Spencer asked me a few months ago if I’d be interested in starting a new podcast with him, and after going back and forth on ideas…we decided to do something a bit different. You see, I have a 35 minute commute to work everyday. I love listening to podcasts on the way to work, and I enjoy the daily habit of listening to a show.

We created this podcast so it would give you five new episodes each week (Monday-Friday) with short (10-15 minute) shows that covered a specific question in depth.

Check out our first 10 episodes on iTunes right now!

A Little Bit About Me...

“I'm the proud father of 3 crazy kids (and married to their amazing mother). I work at a school district outside of Philadelphia, PA as an Education and Technology Innovation Specialist (yes that is my real title)! I believe in the power of student choice, and have some more to say about that in this short video..."