How Choice Makes Lectures Work

lectures with choice

Here in Philadelphia we spent the weekend watching and listening to the Pope during his visit. People were glued to their televisions and devices when the Pope gave a talk on the Ben Franklin Parkway, or lectured to seminary students, or spoke at Independence Hall where our nation's founding fathers first declared that all men [...]

Habit Stacking in the Classroom (10 Smart Ways to Boost Learning)

Habit Loop

When we look at what research says about becoming better at something, two pieces of evidence stand out. First, we must have clarity on what our goals are, and where we want to go or what we want to become. Second, it is deliberate practice (combined with feedback loops) that increase the myelin in our [...]

Start Smaller to Go Farther


My son Tucker seems to be growing up too fast. He's almost four years old and getting ready to play in his first soccer league, going to pre-school, and we played a video game together for the first time last week. This morning I was watching a highlight video that I made for Tucker's 1-year [...]

The Power of Letting Students Figure it Out

The Power of Letting Students Figure it Out

My daughter lowered her eyes, looked at me, and said, "I can't do it." I looked back and asked her again to put one foot on the board, push off with her other foot, and then put that foot on the board when she was moving. She was being a typical six-year old who was trying [...]

5 Things to Remember Before You Start #GeniusHour


It is a new school year and I'm so excited to see many teachers and schools starting Genius Hour or 20% Projects for the first time! As I mentioned to Joy Kirr on Twitter a few weeks ago, I sense a tidal wave of student choice being unleashed in K-12 schools around the world this [...]

Join the 2015 #ClassroomCribs Challenge!

Last year over 2000 educators signed up to learn more about classroom design, as we launched the first ever Classroom Cribs challenge! We had four amazing grand finalist winners and so many other teachers who transformed learning spaces in their schools for the benefit of students. This year we have almost 15,000 people signed up [...]

PLASMA: A Framework for Innovation in Our Schools

PLASMA Framework

This is the third post in a three-part series on "Intentional Innovation." Check out the other two posts here (#1 and #2). I know, I know. You're saying, "AJ, why do we need another framework in education! And why, oh why would you create another acronym that I have to remember!" I hope, if you've [...]

Why We Need Intentional Innovation in Education


This is the first post in a three-part series on "Intentional Innovation", specifically for education. Stay tuned for the second post, "The Intentional Innovation Manifesto" and the third post, "PLASMA: A Framework for Innovation in Education" by signing up here. Innovation is a tricky word. We often use it to describe something new and shiny. [...]