10 Reasons You Should Be Pumped for Education in 2015

Pumped for Education in 2015

The new year always brings new hope. Whereas in the past I've been hopeful for change and progress throughout education...this year I'm feeling different. This year I'm pumped about where we are headed in my school district and in the larger field of education. I've seen movement and progress from so many different people and [...]

Solving the Biggest Problem in Education

This is a live blogging event of the work PDE SAS Institute teachers and leaders will be doing during our four sessions today. Please join in on twitter with the hashtag #edusolutions - or join us in the comment section!

Why the Maker Movement Matters to All Students

Maker Movement Matters

“Students engaged in direct experience with materials, unforeseen obstacles, and serendipitous discoveries may result in understanding never anticipated by the teacher.” ― Sylvia Libow Martinez, Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom In 9th grade I cut my thumb on a saw in wood shop and had to get stitches. It wasn't too bad... However, [...]

The Complete Guide to 20% Time (and Genius Hour) in the Classroom

Time Window designed by iconsmind.com from the Noun Project

It's been almost a full three years since I told my students they would have 20% of their class time to work on whatever project they were inspired to create. Since then I've learned so much from my students and our amazing community of 20% time and Genius Hour teachers. I have tried to share [...]

Schools Should be Like Netflix, Not Blockbuster

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Teaching has changed forever (and will continue to change). Want to know why? It's not because of new standards. It's not because the state is telling us to do something differently. It's not because the federal government is asking for more accountability. Our teaching practice has to change because of one very important truth... Our learners [...]

The Manifesto We Should Read to Students Every Day


The Holstee Manifesto is a reminder of what life is about. As we continue to "prepare" our students for "college & career" throughout their education…let's not forget about their lives. It is easy to get caught up in the grind for both teachers and students. But this Manifesto can bring everyone back to what we [...]

Google Drive Ate My Homework…and Other Excuses That Don’t Work

When I was in high school my excuses for missed assignments were the stuff of legend (at least I thought so). I usually had some type of reason that made perfect sense to me, but really must have confused the heck out of most of my teachers. Then again, I'm betting they knew...because as a [...]

Your Words Matter.


I had a teacher who once told me I would most likely be a college dropout. Her words mattered. When I told my wife I wanted to write a book and she said without blinking an eye, “Do it.” Her words mattered. I told my daughter the other day how proud I was of her [...]

10 Ways for New School Leaders to Use Twitter


I'm the new guy at our school district, and this is my first administrative role in a school. Let me first say that it is a lot of hard work, but it is also a lot of fun connecting with new teachers, administrators, and an entire community. In the past few months all of our [...]