I remember the first time I heard the phrase “student-centered classroom” and I almost chuckled. I had always believed my classroom was about the students, they were the reason we taught and my focus was always on their learning. This new terminology sounded like another buzzword and I didn’t pay much attention to the presentation […]

Three different schools, in three different states, in a matter of two weeks. I got the same question. “How can I use Flipgrid in my class?” “Have you tried this with Flipgrid?” “Oooh, this would be perfect with Flipgrid!” It seems that Flipgrid has teachers and school leaders around the country (and world) excited to […]

I had to share this story. Last week I had the opportunity to take a group of students from our High School to the Franklin Institute. It was the first “road trip” for our Student Innovation Lab. About 20 students and five teachers/leaders made the trip where we learned about how the brain works, and […]