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If you are an educator, coach, leader, or parent looking to build empathy in the kids and teams you work with, then check out EMPATHY EVERY DAY. My new book has 366 stories of empathy in action.

If you are a teacher or leader (or even a parent) looking to be inspired to change the learning experience to be more student-centered with a focus on empowering kids, then check out EMPOWER.

If you are a teacher looking for a framework that can help you and students navigate the creative process and put authentic work out to the world, then check out LAUNCH.

The PBL Playbook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Actually Doing Project-Based Learning

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What Happens When Students Own Their Learning

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Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student

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If you are a teacher looking for a way to give students choice in their learning (in a number of ways), then check out LEARNING BY CHOICE.

If you are a teacher looking to empower students to chase their passions and fail in epic ways, then check out INQUIRY and INNOVATION IN THE CLASSROOM.

If you are a leader or coach looking to grow the pockets of innovation within your organization into a culture of innovation where risk-taking thrives, then check out INTENTIONAL INNOVATION.

Learning By Choice

10 Ways Choice and Differentiation Create An Engaged Learning Experience for Every Student

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Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom

Using 20% Time, Genius Hour, and PBL to Drive Student Success

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Intentional Innovation

How to Guide Risk-Taking, Build Creative Capacity, and Lead Change

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If you are leader, teacher, or coach looking to be inspired by true stories of teachers around the country doing innovative work in public schools, then check out MAVERICK TEACHERS.

If you are a leader, teacher, or coach looking to move towards a brain-based learning space environment that transforms the classroom, then check out LEARNING SPACES.

Maverick Teachers

How Innovative Educators are Saving Public Schools

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Redesigning Learning Spaces

Corwin Connected Educators Series

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